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Emergency Medical Responder
Every Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT) is unique.  Who they are, where they work, what the hazards are, and what equipment they utilize are all components that make your team different from all others.  As We provide EMTs and Paramedics as your course instructional staff that will bring their expertise to your classroom.  To schedule an EMR course for your agency, call us at 916-939-2277.

EMR education provides professional first responder-level training for fire service, emergency, law enforcement, military, civil, and industrial personnel. The foundation of this course is the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards for Emergency Medical Responder, and it also includes the 2015 American Heart Association guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid. 

This Course Offers
Professionals that bring their EMS experiences to your classroom
Textbook for study and reference, Emergency Medical Responder, Ninth Edition
Hands-on training and scenario based practice throughout the course

Standards and Approvals
This Emergency Medical Responder course is based on the new National EMS Education Standards and endorsed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The exercises cover the new National EMS Education Standards. It is approved for use by the Sierra-Sacramento Valley Emergency Medical Services Agency.

Topics covered in this course
Chapter 1 EMS Systems
Chapter 2 Workforce Safety and Wellness
Chapter 3 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Chapter 4 Communications and Documentation
Chapter 5 The Human Body
Chapter 6 Airway Management
Chapter 7 Professional Rescuer CPR
Chapter 8 Patient Assessment
Chapter 9 Medical Emergencies
Chapter 10 Poisoning and Substance Abuse
Chapter 11 Behavioral Emergencies
Chapter 12 Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 13 Bleeding, Shock, and Soft-Tissue Injuries
Chapter 14 Injuries to Muscles and Bones
Chapter 15 Childbirth
Chapter 16 Pediatric Emergencies
Chapter 17 Geriatric Emergencies
Chapter 18 Lifting and Moving Patients
Chapter 19 Transport Operations
Chapter 20 Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
Chapter 21 Incident Management

EMR Class completion time:  Initial - 40 hours
                                               Recert - 16 hours

To schedule an EMR course for your agency, call us at 916-939-2277
Emergency Response Team training
Emergency Response Team training
Emergency Response Team training
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