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The AED Recall Center is a service of Rescue Training Institute.  It is intended to give a snapshot of updates and recalls for most of the AEDs on the market today.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of AED recalls for each manufacturer nor for every product that our featured manufacturers produce.  Please go to the FDA's website for medical device recalls for up to the moment AED recall information.
​Date: 1/1/2016
Title:  Powerheart G3 AED electrode pad recall
Issue: ​ This recall of electrode pads is for Lot# 1141125-02 only.  This lot may have been issued with an expiration date of July 2017.  Be sure to check all primary and back-up pads (usually found in the zippered compartment of the AED case.  All recalled pads are to be removed from the AED whether nor not the AED detects an issue.  The AED may present with a red Rescue Ready light, but not indicate that the pads are the issue after opening the lid of the AED. 
Fix:  Report the issue to Cardiac Science at 800-991-5465, press 1 for Technical Support.   Replacement sets of electrodes will be sent to you at no charge.

Date: 01/13/12
Title: Cardiac Science Notifies AED Customers of Voluntary Medical Device Recall,
selected Powerheart models, 9300E, 9300P, 9390A, 9390E, 11,000 units worldwide.
Issue:  Cardiac Science is conducting a voluntary recall of a limited number of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) manufactured between July 1, 2011 and December 30, 2011. The affected AEDs contain a circuit board manufactured with a component that may fail unexpectedly due to a supplier manufacturing defect. If the component were to fail during a rescue attempt, the AED may not deliver defibrillation therapy.  This issue was detected at the Cardiac Science factory through our standard quality control processes. We have no reports of this issue impacting a rescue. This action is being conducted with the knowledge of the appropriate Regulatory Agencies.
Fix: Contact Cardiac Science at 800-991-5465  

Date: 6-2-10
Title: Voluntary recall: Specific Philips HeartStart HS1 and FRx Defibrillators
Affected Devices: Affected devices are HS1 (models M5066A and M5068A) and FRx
(model 861304) automated external defibrillators. The HS1 defibrillators are sold in
North America as HeartStart OnSite and HeartStart Home, and internationally as
HeartStart HS1 and HeartStart Home defibrillators. The units affected by the recall
were manufactured by Philips in March 2010.
Fix: Contact Philips at 800-453-6860
Date:  02-12-09
Title:  ZOLL Medical Corporation, ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator, Class 1 Recall
Units Recalled:  This product was manufactured from May, 2004 through February, 2009 and distributed from May, 2004 through February 9, 2009.
The AED failed to deliver the defibrillation energy.
Fix:  The company sent their distributors and customers an initial recall letter on February 12, 2009 by certified mail. This letter instructed customers to replace their batteries every three years. The company then sent their distributors and customers a follow-up recall letter on March 31, 2009 by certified mail. This letter instructed customers to download new software for their devices and to remove any battery replacement reminder labels.

Fix:  Contact ZOLL at 800-348-9011.
Date: 03-14-11
Title: Defibtech LLC, Lifeline and ReviveR AEDs: Software Defect May Cancel Shock
Product(s): Model DDU-100 series with software version 2.004 or earlier, sold under the brand names Lifeline and ReviveR.
65,885 AEDs distributed in the United States are subject to this recall.
AEDs using software version 2.004 or earlier may cause the device to cancel shock during the charging process. Failure to provide appropriate therapy may result in failure to resuscitate the patient.
Fix: Customers can check the nine-digit serial number on the back of their AED against the list published by Defibtech at http://www.defibtech.com/fa11 to see if their devices are affected.

Date: 5-21-10
Title: Defibtech LLC, DBP-2800 Battery Pack for ReviveR AED™ and Lifeline AED®
Semi-automatic External Defibrillators
Product(s): DBP-2800 Battery Pack for the Defibtech ReviveR AED™ and Lifeline
AED® semi-automatic external defibrillators
Affects only DBP-2800 battery packs distributed prior to June 4, 2007 and used with
the ReviveR AED™ and Lifeline AED® devices.
Affected battery pack serial numbers range:
• Between 202001005 and 202005916, or,
• Between 206001001 and 206009871
Fix: Contact Defibtech for correction at 866-333-4248
Date: 10-13-17
Title:  Class 1 recall for Pediatric Defibrillation Electrodes

Affected AEDs:
Only AEDs that have pediatric defibrillation pads in their AEDs.  Only the pads are being recalled.

Reason for Recall:
Physio-Control Inc. is recalling infant/child defibrillation electrodes because the artwork on the pads within the packaging shows incorrect placement instructions for infants. There is no issue with the performance or function of the defibrillation electrodes. However, incorrect placement of the electrodes on an infant may result in failure to deliver an effective shock to an infant in cardiac arrest. A delay in therapy could result in serious injury and/or death.

Fix:  Contact Physio-Control by calling 1-866-231-1220.

Date: 6-29-16
Title: Class 2 Device Recall LIFEPAK CR Plus and/or LIFEPAK EXPRESS

Serial Numbers
44036090, 44036091, 44036092, 44036094, 44036096, 44036123, 44036128, 44036132, 44036141, 44036144, 44036145, 44036148, 44036149, 44036150, 44036151, 44036152, 44036153, 44036154, 44036156, 44036157, 44036158, 44036159, 44065452, 44065616, and 44065619. 
The serial number is located on the underside of the device.

Reason for Recall:
LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators (AED) or LIFEPAK EXPRESS AED may fail to initiate voice prompts when the ON/OFF button is pressed and the lid is opened due to an internal component (reed switch) that can intermittently become fixed in the closed position. A defibrillator in this condition will fail to deliver a shock, with the potential result that therapy is not delivered and a patient is not resuscitated. 
Fix: Contact Physio-Control Customer Care
1-800-442-1142, 6 AM through 4 PM Pacific Time

Date:  01/01/2015
Title:  Support ends for Lifepak 500's
Physio-Control announced beginning February 1st, 2012 they will no longer be offering parts and service for the Monophasic versions of their Lifepak 500’s. Physio is still offering support of their Biphasic units through January of 2015. Physio-Control has to do this because as the years go by, components and parts of the AED age even when the unit may have never been used.
Physiocontrol AED recalls
HeartSine Recalls
​Date: 9-12-12
Title: HeartSine Samaritan 300/300P PAD Voluntary Recall 
Product:  HeartSine Samaritan 300/300P PADs, if your unit was recalled you will have received a letter directly from HeartSine.  Units affected are:
0400000501 - 0700032917
08A00035000 - 10A0070753
10C00200000 - 10C00210106
Reason for Recall: Off/On issue, battery management software issue.
Fix: Contact HeartSine 877-877-0147, 8 AM through 5 PM ET, Monday through Friday
Date: 10-30-12
Title: AED Maintenance Information
Philips wanted to inform FRx and OnSite HeartStart AED owners of potentially misunderstood alerts from their AEDs.
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American Heart Association

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Date: 11-1-17
Title: Consent Decree with U.S. Department of Justice, Philips Recall

Affected AEDs:
This recall affects Philips HeartStart FRx, HeartStart Home, and HeartStart OnSite AEDs manufactured from September 2002 through February 2013. This includes FRx serial numbers starting with B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B09, B10, B11, B12, B13A, and B13B (but does not include B13C, B13D, etc.), and includes OnSite/Home serial numbers starting with A02, A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, A09, A10, A11, A12, A13A, and A13B (but does not include A13C, A13D, etc.).

The serial number is located on the underside of the device.

Reason for Recall:
FDA inspections revealed Philips didn’t adequately implement corrective and preventive actions to respond to complaints involving certain resistor failures when HeartStart HS1 and FRx defibrillators were used and also in connection with the company’s Q-CPR meter (a
device that provides feedback on chest compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The company has stopped distributing two out of the four defibrillator products in its U.S. portfolio until manufacturing quality issues are resolved, Klink said. 

Fix:  For replacement options, we have deep discounts on AEDs to replace any recalled AEDs you may have.  Contact us at 916-939-2277.  For options from Philips Medical, go to https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/resources/landing/aed-recall.